About Kathy Von Ertfelda

Kathy Von Ertfelda

Kathy grew up in Detroit. As a child, she rarely had the opportunity to ride. In 1970, she became interested in eventing, which she pursued for a few years before becoming focused upon and consumed by dressage. Inspiration came in the form of her first mentor, Alex Konyot, the well known Hungarian master whom she worked with for several years beginning in 1978. In the early 80's, Kathy met Gerd Zuther, a highly qualified German trainer who was instrumental in finding talented young horses with potential and provided excellent coaching. In 1995, Kathy trained in Germany with Christolet Boylen and Udo Lange. In 1996, she trained in Sweden for 2 months with Kyra Kyrkland whom she greatly admires.

Kathy has trained seven horses to Grand Prix and competed most at that level. In the early 80's she competed her first Grand Prix horse, Verushka, a PR Farm homebred thoroughbred mare. Dondolo and Wanesso, purchased as four-year-olds from Gerd Zuther and Hanover Horse Farm, showed at Grand Prix in the late 80's and early 90's to earn Kathy her USDF Gold Medal.

Dutch, the Hanoverian gelding, came from Gerd Zuther (then at November Hill Farm) as an unbroken three-year-old in 1987. He became her most successful partner nationally and internationally from 1992 to 1999 and competed for the United States Equestrian Team in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

Following Dutch, Kathy trained and rode DJ, who developed soundness issues and was retired. After DJ, the Hanoverian gelding Valentino reached Grand Prix and was sold to Hans Dressler in 2008.


Talento WR, imported from Brazil and purchased as a 4 year old was sold in 2011 to Sweden after spending several months with Kyra Kyrklund in England.

Cenozoico VO - Grand Prix - SOLD 2017


Eragon VO - Grand Prix - SOLD 2018





Kathy and DutchCompetitive Highlights


Riding Dutch, a bay Hanoverian gelding, 1984

Sire: Damnatz, Dam: Seemacht


  • Dutch retired to Martha's Vineyard and works part-time for the Black Dog Tavern


  • USET Grand Prix A List
  • Qualified for Top 12 at Gladstone


  • 2nd, Grand Prix, Orlando, CDI-W
  • 2nd, Grand Prix, Special Orlando, CDI-W
  • Qualified for Gladstone Finals


  • 1st, Grand Prix, USET Selection Class- Feb
  • 1st, Grand Prix, NEDA CDI-W World Cup Qualifier
  • 2nd, Grand Prix, KUR NEDA CDI-W
  • 1st, Overall NEDA World Cup Qualifier
  • 2nd, Grand Prix, Devon CDI-W
  • USET Silver Medal No. American Dressage Championships
  • NO.AM Championships- highest placing American overall finisher
  • 3rd, Volvo World Cup Finals


  • Qualified for World Olympic Selection Trials
  • US Representatives to the Volvo World Cup Dressage, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2nd, Grand Prix, US Equestrian Team Olympic Qualifier, Clarcona, Feb
  • 3rd, Grand Prix Special, US Equestrian Team, Olympic Team Qualifier, Clarcona
  • 4th, Grand Prix Freestyle, US Equestrian Team Olympic Qualifier, Palm Beach


  • Qualified Finals USET for Gladstone
  • 5th, Grand Prix Freestyle, Aachen CHIO, Germany
  • 15th of 40, Grand Prix, Aachen CHIO, Germany
  • 5th, Grand Prix Freestyle, Munich, Germany
  • 6th, Grand Prix, Munich, Germany
  • 3rd, Team Competition, Rotterdam CHIO, Holland – Team
  • Bronze Medal
  • 8th , Grand Prix Freestyle, Rotterdam CHIO, Holland
  • 10th of 40, Grand Prix, Rotterdam, Holland
  • 2nd, Grand Prix, Tampa, CDI-W
  • 2nd , Grand Prix, KUR, Tampa, F CDI-W
  • 2nd, World Cup Freestyle, Dressage at Devon, Pennsylvania
  • 2nd, Grand Prix, Washington International
  • 2nd Grand Prix Freestyle, Washington International


  • 9th, Selection Trials, World Equestrian Games (World Championships)
  • 1st , Grand Prix, Saratoga, CDI-W, New York
  • 1st, Grand Prix Special, Saratoga, CDI-W, New York


  • 1st, Grand Prix, Orlando, Florida
  • 1 st, Grand Prix, Port Jervis, New York
  • 1st, Grand Prix, Saratoga, CDI-W, New York
  • 1st, Grand Prix, Dressage at Devon, Pennsylvania
  •  Qualified Top 12 for Gladstone USET Finals