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A very limited number of special Lusitanos are available.

Please call for information.







Neptuno is a young Unique Lusitano stallion born July 2016. He is 16-1 and growing and always advancing in his training. He has 3 outstanding gaits and perfect temperament. He hacks safely anywhere and his bronze buckskin color gets him lots of attention.He is an ideal prospect for a successful Dressage career.








Imported from Spain, Naviero is a very beautiful PRE 16-2 gelding born Oct.2013.He has advanced training, talent, and 3 very good gaits. He could have great success with the right rider and trainer. He is fearless and loves to trail ride. Ridden here by David Presa.








Born February 2013, he is a fully approved PRE virgin stallion. Perfect temperment. Advanced training. Perfect for anyone to hack or ride. Schooling most GP work. Tall, black and beautiful. Impressive Piaffe and Passage.







Jaguar is a striking 16H Lusitano stallion with the heart of a gelding imported from Brazil and born Sept. 2013. He has a sweet disposition and 3 outstanding gaits.Jaguar is a rare golden palomino and gets lots of attention for his unusual color and beauty. He is an expressive mover and could excel in Dressage competitions. He hacks anywhere alone or in company and is a safe and willing worker. Jaguar's training is advanced and he is schooling all the Grand Prix work. With a good rider and trainer he could be a star.








Horses Sold through Peak Rock Rock Farm




Sold in 2020




Sold in 2019


Destaque HI


Sold in 2019




Sold in 2018




Sold in 2018


Eragon VO


Sold in 2018


Hindu HI


Sold in 2017


Cenozoico VO


Sold in 2017




Sold in 2017


Eucedo Interagro


Sold in 2016

"FUN" aka Furacao Interagro


Sold in 2015

Da Vinci


Sold in 2015



Sold in 2015



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Sold in 2011

Zelozo Hi


Sold in 2011